Friday, November 12, 2010

Chill'n In The Field...

A day in the field Baby D style, gotta love it! Since everyone around the farmstead is eager to get the crops out, in a prompt precise manor we really don't get to visit with any of the FB's very much any more. That is unless we hunt them down in the fields. However when you have a 1 year old son who trots around the house all day saying "Daddy", "Tractor","Shark Shoes" (he really does say SS, afterall he knows once he has his SS on then he can go outside and play with the big boys) you really do not have a say in the matter anymore. You must find the FB's.

Baby D thoroughly enjoys riding on the tractors, combines, semi trucks and well, basically anything that has the potential to move at a rapid pace. He is a boy with a passion for riding on any large motorized piece of machinery.

Have a Magnificant Day,
Farming Fabulously

Harvest Is Upon Us..

The FB's started harvesting corn last week, so Grandma SMS, Baby D and I decided to go pay them a visit in the field.

Well, actually we just had to deliver them lunch so we didn't get to stay and ride.

So Baby D settled for just hanging out with his feline friend Pooh.

That is until Grandpa BDW came along and took Baby D to see all of the big farm equipment.

Now look closely, how many different pieces of equipment can you see in each picture?

Have a fantastic day,
Farming Fabulously


Pond Dam or Dam Pond?

Have you ever tried to drain a pond?

Well last week the Farm Boys were feeling frisky, so they decided to give it a try.

Now they have done this once or twice or was it twelve times before, so they kind of knew what they were doing.

However, this was my first encounter with the rapid waters.

And well, Baby D he was just along for the ride.

However, I would not recommend wearing flip flops to an endeavor such as this.

This fine young lady on the other hand was fully prepared, wearing her mud boots she was eager to catch some fish.

Farming Fabulously

It Does Exist

Yesterday evening Baby D and I were leisurely roaming the countryside, when out of now where our youngster begins pointing and squawking at a patch of corn. Now as you all know, I am a wealth of horticultural expertise, so with all of my brilliance, I peer down at my infant and say "Yes honey, that's corn".

However, Baby D was reluctant to go any farther on our voyage until I inspected this certain crop of corn. Well upon further examination, I found what appeared to be a cultivation abnormality. To my bewilderment, there was  non-typical produce growing amongst us.

Needless to say, I am oozing excessive self-esteem towards our tiny tot. The way he perceived this situation, and made himself aware of his vast surroundings by the understanding that has been gained through experience or study is quite baffling to ones mind.

Farming Fabulously

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Know That I Promised You Tractors And Sweaty Men...

But one out of two really isn't bad. So today we are focusing on all of the farm equipment that has been running none stop around the farmstead.

The Farm Boy's have been busting their booty's trying to get all of the crops planted. HH even planted through the night, can you believe that?

This year there was only a small window of planting opportunity considering the massive downpours that occurred on a daily basis.

Alas, we made it through this planting season. Hallelujah! All of the seeds are in the ground.

Farming Fabulously

Individually Placing Seed Corn Into The Ground....

If you would have to drop each piece of corn into the ground by hand it would take approximately 103 hours per acre.

Thanks to alittle thing called "Technology" and "Massive Machines", farmers are now able to plant 1 acre of corn in two minutes.

Our ancestors would roll over in their graves, attempting to comprehend today's advancements in farming.

These pictures were taken last week, BMW (Before Monsoon Weather) hit central Missouri. Yet today, the sun is supposed to peak through from the sky and transform the water soaked land back to its normal existence. Baby D and I are eager to begin our outdoor excursions again, so this warm weather is long overdue.

Farming Fabulously

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Farming Wrap UP!

If you recall, I chatted earlier last week about all of those old pictures I have laying around that desperately need to be posted. Well these are some of those photos!

They were taken near the end of our harvest season. At this point the FB's (Farm Boy's), could see the light at the end of the tunnel. And considering it was such a wet fall again, we considered ourselves extremely fortunate that we were able to get all of the commodities out of fields.

This was however during our "Crunch Time" of the season, when the FB's were working round the clock. Putting in 23 hour days, allowing themselves only only a brief one hour cat nap daily.

Oh the joys of the farming world! Baby D has so much to look forward too!

Farming Fabulously

Program Note: Brunch recipes to be posted soon!